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Abat Jour – Utility Combined With A Fashion Statement

The fire was first tamed by humankind some 1.5 million years ago. Today, almost everything in our lives is a direct or indirect product of fire. One of the most brutal elements found in nature, fire can be destructive is used foolishly. But humans have discovered various ways to bring this destructive force of nature under their control. One of the most important usages of fire in ancient eras was the lighting. But today, we have electricity, which is much more efficient but serves, more or less, the same purpose. Lighting solutions such as lamps and bulbs provide an additional purpose of decoration as well. Elegant lampshades or Abat Jour as it is known in French has become a growing trend in the previous years.

What Is A Lampshade And Why Do You Need It?

All of us have experienced that terrible sensation in our eyes when we accidentally stared at a bare hanging light bulb. Anyone staring directly at a light source not only endangers their sight but also stands at a risk of developing headaches and anxiety. Bare lights also look terrible in the bigger scheme of home decor. To avoid all these possibilities, the discovery of the lampshade was made. This beautiful invention made lighting an elegant and sophisticated trend. Using an Abat Jouralso dissociated the harsh rays of light and spreads it equally in all directions, making it easier to look at the source, if one feels like it.

Types Of Lampshades

With the increasing trend of home decor and personalization, lampshades today are being used as a style statement as well. There are hundreds of types of lampshades available in the market that one can choose from. Some of the types are mentioned below.

  1. Pendant lampshades are the most popular and convenient choices for a hanging light source. It reduces the spread of light in the upper direction and forces all the light to glow in one direction, downwards only.
  2. Table Abat Jouris also being increasingly used these days. They are best suited for table lamps and come in various designs and styles so that one can pick and choose from the designs that one loves the best
  3. Chinese lantern style lampshades are used to bring a folk vibe into your decor. It adds a rustic look to the entire decor of your house. This is used during big festivals to add that special touch to the home.


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