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What are the Different Types of Pillows in the Market?

What types of pillows are you familiar with? Buying pillows is very important because they are a support and comfort bed accessories. A combination of quality and comfortable mattress and pillows are sure to offer you quality sleep. Pillows are easily accessible in most Mattress Denver stores. You will find several types to choose from as you go about shopping in different Mattress Denver stores. This guide is highlighting a number of pillows you are likely to find in the market.

Types of different pillows in the market

The following makes a list of some of the different types of pillows you will find in the Mattress Denver market;

  • Down pillows. If you are looking for a pillow to offer you soft, supple and gentle feeling, you should consider buying down pillows. Their fluffy appearance makes them appealing and cozy but they are not very reliable for offering comfort.
  • Micro-bead pillows. These kind of pillows provide hard support system. They are made of tiny beads going by the name unexpanded polystyrene which provide a hard feeling once you lie your head or neck on them.
  • Neck pillows. These pillows are very good at providing neck and spine support. They help position your body and specifically the head correctly such that you are comfortable enough while sleeping.
  • Feather pillows. Fancy something feathery? These types of pillows offer an improved level of pillow softness and comfort. You can get all the support you need in a pillow while using this type.
  • Lumbar pillows. This pillow is very ideal for people with back pain issues. Such pillows offer you all the comfort and support you need around the lumbar area. You can shop for them at any Mattress Denver or beds store or anywhere else for that matter.
  • Memory foam pillows. These pillows will help you greatly by offering all the support and comfort you need while sleeping. They exist in different shapes and sizes and even after using, they bounce back to their original shape. With these, your neck, shoulders and the head are provided with all the support they need.
  • Body pillows. If you need a cuddling or suggling pillow, these are kind of pillows you should invest in. These are usually placed in between the legs for hips and lower-back support. These pillows measure up to 54 inches.



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